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InoBat is a Slovak company founded in 2019 focusing on research, development, manufacturing, and recycling of batteries with the long-term goal of providing new energy solutions to global markets. At InoBat, sustainability lies at its core, with the aim to create meaningful impact – such as the acceleration of the world’s transition to net-zero and redefinition of life on the move.

Our “cradle-to-cradle” philosophy showcases the concept of a circular economy, with sustainable solutions across the whole value chain.

The main industry verticals are InoBat Auto, which focuses on the battery R&D and production for electric vehicles; InoBat Energy, which develops and designs energy storage systems, and InoBat Recycling, which provides solutions for battery recycling. In addition, InoBat is also working on the development of a hydrogen technology project.

  • InoBat Auto specialises in the pioneering research, development, manufacturing, and provision of premium innovative electric batteries custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of global mainstream and specialist OEMs within the automotive, commercial vehicle, motorsport, and aerospace sectors.

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  • InoBat Recycling closes a critical gap in the battery supply chain and addresses European need for more li-ion battery recycling. InoBat Recycling provides closed loop EV battery production and circular supply chain showcases in single-facility sites. It focuses on a unique “upcycling” process that results in Cathode Active Material with higher performance than virgin material at a lower cost, whilst being able to achieve the highest standards of material recovery.

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  • InoBat Energy specialises in the development and design of energy storage solutions based on redox flow and Li-ion based battery technology with the aim to facilitate the increasing share of renewable energy, decrease costs of electric energy and contribute to decentralization and higher share of independence for its customers.

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  • Inobat hydrogen

    InoBat Hydrogen is developing hydrogen technology projects dedicated to creating clean, efficient, and renewable energy solutions while supporting ambitious energy targets in Central and Eastern Europe.

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